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Social Trust and Sustainability

Kaj Torok, works with The Natural Step in Sweden for social sustainability.  He specializes in the area of social trust and how this relates to sustainability.  Here is his latest interview in “Exploring Equality”.

Kaj works at The Natural Step for social sustainability.  His expertise is in the area of social trust.  The trust between individuals and the trust between the individual and the state are common themes when talking about societies which value equality.  We were fascinated by Kaj and his ideas on what is required in trusting societies.  He suggests some specific measures that unequal societies without the culture of “Jantelagen” can take to gain trust.  Kaj also makes it clear that trust is not something that we can demand, it is something that you have to be worthy of: in order to create trust, you must behave in a way that allows others to trust you.
Stay tuned for the final interview with the author of “Is the Swede Human?”


To Learn more about Kaj or to see his interview please click here.

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